Alarm Systems That Alert Your Phone

It’s nice to have an alarm system that alerts your phone. This is usually done via a mobile app that lets you control your alarm system as well as the equipment when you are away from home. Homeowners and business owners in London have the convenience of staying updated with the security of their house […]

Benefits of business security systems

The best business security systems can provide you protection, catch the culprits, and suppress fires. But some small business owners believe that their company doesn’t need any fancy security system to keep track of all the happening around the office premises. Let’s see why it is just a myth and how the business security system […]

Burglar Alarm Installation London

Installing a burglar alarm system at home or business premises is one of the best ways of enhancing the security of your property. If you like to do everything on your own, you must be tempted to install an alarm system yourself as well. Wait, you might have the skills of a handyman but you […]

Security Alarms for Small Businesses in London

The best security system for a business has the power to prevent crimes, catch criminals, and minimize accidents like fire. Unfortunately, the small business owners in London believe that their business premises is enough and they don’t need a fancy alarm system to keep track of what’s happening around. The size of your premises doesn’t […]

Top tips to make your property more secure

In 2019, 2 in 100 households were the victim of a burglary in the UK. A huge figure which is up to the amount of damage and stolen objects: more than thousands of pounds per burglary. Add to that the psychological harm, which is not negligible. Fortunately, there are many ways to secure your home and make your […]

Pet-friendly alarm systems- An ultimate guide

This is a question that our customers often ask us when they ask for the installation of an alarm system and have a four-legged companion in their house. In the UK, over 51 million people have pets, 26 % of whom own one. Many people are convinced that they cannot install an alarm system for the […]

Best burglar alarm London

Whether it’s London or any place in the world, crime is something familiar everywhere, and over time it is starting to become increasingly common throughout the world. There are thousands of robberies in London annually. It seems as if robberies have become unavoidable and inescapable, burglars seem to come up with better techniques to invade […]

Benefits of alarm monitoring services

Choosing an alarm connected to a monitoring service is a wise decision to protect your home. Protecting your home with an alarm linked to a professional monitoring service adds an additional security layer to your home. These alarm monitoring services are the future for your home safety due to its effectiveness and functionality. Once the emergency occurs, the monitoring […]

 How much does a burglar alarm cost?

The long-awaited summer holidays are approaching, but unfortunately, thieves do not go on vacation. It is, in fact, the period of the year in which there is a surge in thefts in the homes. That’s why most of the homeowners think about burglar alarms installation. So the first thing that comes in their mind is how […]

What are the benefits of having a burglar alarm?

Is it worth installing an alarm system in your home? This should be one of the first questions you should ask yourself when thinking about your home’s safety. Security has become one of the main concerns for the homeowners as POLICE have warned that the UK may be facing a summer crime wave in June or July. […]