For your business

Alarmsmart offer 24/7 alarm monitoring services that keep you and your property safe from just £20 per month.
burglar alarm for your business

Why choose alarmsmart for your business?

Alarmsmart offers no fixed-term contracts for our 24 hour monitoring services, so if you are not completely satisfied with the service you can cancel at any time.
Only pay when you are happy with the service, the way it should be. 

Get £120 when you switch to alarmsmart

If you are looking to change provider but there is a cancellation fee… Don’t worry, alarmsmart have you covered!
We will pay your current alarm provider’s cancellation costs up to £120.

How does our smart alarm monitoring work?

Alarmsmart’s wireless technology is linked to our central alarm monitoring hub 24 hours a day. If your alarm goes off, whether you are there or not, our security team will notify you about it.

  • Alert – Your alarm system sends a signal to our central smart monitoring centre.

  • Assess – Our expert security team assess where and what alarm sensors have been activated.

  • Response – We notify keyholders of the property and alert the Police (depending on your cover).

Smart Keyholder Response

Alarmsmart’s response service will call and alert all the people you have selected to be keyholders when your alarm is triggered and outline where in the house the alarm has been set off so you can act quickly. Keyholder Response comes standard with our £20pm monitoring service.

Looking out for you

Continuous monitoring of your security system. Updates are automatic and installed remotely. A yearly expert engineer check-up included.

Maintenance starts from just £20/month + VAT

Our alarmsmart security system gives you peace of mind without locking you into a contract