Securing your home with state of the art smart security systems from just £20 per month.

Smart Home Alarms Systems

Our bespoke smart alarm system bundles are built to your exact home security needs and can be controlled from anywhere using your phone. Simply click on our “Free Alarm Quote” button and follow the simply online steps to get a free quote now!

No Fixed Term Contracts (Maintenance and monitoring)
Our maintenance and monitoring services include tech updates, key holder responses and annual maintenance checks, ensuring your wireless system is fully monitored by our receiving centre and burglar alarm installers.

Switch to us and get cancellation fee paid (up to £120)
Are you looking to change provider but are worried about cancellation fees? Don’t be. We will cover up to £120 of you current providers cancellation costs.

Certified Home Security Systems

  • Door Sensor – The door contact sensor lets the smart alarm system know whether the door is opened or closed and will activate the alarm in the attempt of a break-in.
  • Motion Sensors – Covers the entire room to detect movement of any intruder. Also comes with a pet-friendly option.
  • Decoy Alarm Box – The decoy alarm box that is situated at the outside of the property is used as a visual deterrent, warning any intruder that you have an alarm.
  • Control Panel – The control panel with integrated keypad allows you to set and unset your system.  The panel will be attached to mains electricity with a battery back-up pack in the case of a power outage.
  • Wireless Keypad – Normally located at the main entry/exit point of your property, the wireless keypad allows you to easily set and unset your device.

Free Installations Across Greater London

We offer Free Installations across all Greater London areas. Need weekend slots? No problem, our engineers install our state of the art equipment 7 days a week.

All our wireless security systems are installed and tested by expert engineers so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Plus we’ll upload our APP to your phone so you can control your home security from anywhere you like!

We cover all areas including North, South, East and West London.

Check the security of your home whilst at work, when you are out, or when abroad, with our interactive, easy to use app.

Monitor your home, manage your intruder security system and personalise your account preferences. Receive all alerts in real-time via audio and text notifications.

How alarmsmart compares to the competition

You will receiving industry leading security and monitoring that will cost you half of that of our competitors. Not to mention, you can control and monitor your system from anywhere in the world through your smartphone. You will receive 24 hour protection from just £20/month. Included in this charge is an annual service, ensuring the systems will be fully functioning all year round.

Have Pets? No Problem!

Our pet friendly motions sensors will detect intruders, not your pets.

Our PIRs work by detecting infra-red, with a lens which turns that information into “hot” and “cold” areas. The heat of the region is assessed in relation to the room temperature and determines if body heat from an intruder is the cause. This is why our PIR’s are the best at differentiating between an unwanted intruder or your pets.

Ordering with us is easy – Get your free quote today and our alarmsmart engineer can install your new, wireless system within 7 days.