Best burglar alarm London

Whether it’s London or any place in the world, crime is something familiar everywhere, and over time it is starting to become increasingly common throughout the world. There are thousands of robberies in London annually. It seems as if robberies have become unavoidable and inescapable, burglars seem to come up with better techniques to invade houses, stores, and other areas.

However, we should also note that technology is also progressing, at even higher rates than burglars. So, after all, it is possible to prevent a robbery, but only if you get the best security alarm. Therefore, to help you protect yourself effectively, here’s a list of the best burglar alarm providers.


Secom is also one of the well-known security system providers in London and is renowned for its top-quality monitoring services, for which it has also won a few awards. Secom provides free installation of burglar alarms and sends experts for the maintenance of the system every year. Prices of these alarms are also kept reasonably low. However, it’s not that popular in terms of customer service and has received many complaints due to this problem.

Henson security

Henson security provides many different types of burglar and security systems, with advanced technology; one such example is the Halo shock detector. You can control these systems using the wireless control panel or the Henson security app. Henson security provides customer service 24 hours a day and has good maintenance facilities to keep your system in a working condition.

SafeTech systems

SafeTech systems uses the latest technology for security systems and are best known for their variety of sensors, which range from indoor and outdoor motion detectors to specialized beam detectors that detect cutting through things and climbing. Experts at SafeTech will help you find the most suitable burglar alarm system which meets your insurance requirements. Maintenance and customer service provided by this company are reasonably good.


Many London residents are already choosing Alarmsmart, and so should you, for several reasons. The most important attribute of a security alarm is its effectiveness, and that’s what Alarmsmart is great at providing. Its systems include decoy alarm boxes to fool the burglar, motion sensors to detect every unwanted activity, door contact, and a smart control panel, which allows you to control everything wirelessly, but you can also control the system using the app. Moreover, you can add an automatic police response option for extra security. Alarmsmart also offers free security alarm installation and is known for its great customer service.

Banham security

Banham security dates back to 1926, so it has quite a lot of experience in this field and can provide you a suitable and effectively working intruder alarm system. Moreover, Banham’s services are SIA approved, and it is well-known for its 24/7 quality monitoring services.

Bottom line

All of these companies are providing great burglar alarm systems. However, in a situation like this, it’s hard to decide which one is the best, as they all seem to have their own benefits. So, to help you make this decision as soon as possible to protect yourself, Alarmsmart is the most recommended company to buy a burglar alarm system.